Jeremy Swanson

Jeremy is a project manager with over 15 years of experience in advertising and communications. Jeremy joined Purple after spearheading creative project management implementation at agencies like Edelman and Zocalo Group. He has extensive experience managing digital, social, video and other creative projects for McDonald’s, Nissan, ConAgra and more. He works with Purple’s strategists, clients, creative teams and production partners to bring smart ideas to life. He graduated from the University of Iowa.

“Among the things that make Purple unique is the diversity of experiences and backgrounds working together to help our clients navigate complicated challenges. Our process is to make the most of this collision of expertise in service of sound strategy, sharp insights and creative executions. We also have fun together – which is nice.”

“Project management is sometimes misunderstood as simply driving timelines and setting up and recapping meetings. But if done right, an important aspect my role is to learn people’s strengths to cultivate their contribution to our work. Taking the time to understand what each team member does will help the project succeed and help the team grow.”

“My advice to people just starting out in the world would be to be open to new opportunities and new people. I started out my career as designing page layouts for Best Buy ad circulars and transitioned into project management over the years as new opportunities opened up and new interests developed.”