Kate McMurray

Kate is a campaign coordinator at Purple Strategies. Coming from ActBlue and other electoral campaigns, Kate has robust experience with political organizing, digital fundraising and account management. A native New Englander, she graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, double majoring in English and psychology, where she wrote her honors thesis on women in American politics.

“Experience in the fast-paced, strategic, and unpredictable world of political work coupled with my client-based relationships at ActBlue has prepared me to work at Purple. I build on this experience working on campaigns by anticipating challenges and delivering on client goals.”

“Working remotely during the pandemic has been a challenge, but one that has taught me a lot about finding new ways to communicate and collaborate. I believe that frequent communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page is essential to success on a team.”

“A quote from Stacey Abrams that I think about when working with others is: ‘Effective leaders must be truth seekers, and that requires a willingness to understand truths other than our own.'”