Kevin Schmidt

Kevin brings over a decade of experience utilizing research to help clients better understand and engage with stakeholders to achieve their goals. Kevin honed his campaign chops working for two leading national polling firms in Washington, DC, where he supported federal, state, and local campaigns, as well as national advocacy organizations and corporations. Prior to Purple, Kevin was a Senior Associate Director of Health Care Research with the research and analytics division of APCO Worldwide, where he supported global quantitative research endeavors for leading biopharmaceutical companies as well as highly tailored qualitative research within niche communities. Kevin is a graduate of Boston University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He also has two young children, Lucy and Elliott, who dominate his time when away from the office, though he sneaks out for a long run or a round of golf when he is able.

“Purple’s culture of collaboration is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of. Through a consistent cycle of input and feedback, we’re able to deliver for our clients research that not only answers the questions they have now, but research that looks ahead and anticipates future questions.” 

“Purple Strategies is truly a data-driven organization. Every recommendation or activation plan we develop is set on a firm foundation of data and insights. Purple is unique in that we are tool-agnostic, and are not reliant on a single methodology to bring forward insights but seamlessly blend digital and traditional practices to bring forward data that is insightful and actionable.”