Kevin Brinegar

Working at Purple Strategies for two years, Kevin helps clients tell their most powerful stories and differentiate themselves to consumers, legislators, and the media. Joining Purple Strategies from Stand Together, Kevin led and spearheaded grassroots, PR and advocacy efforts for several state chapters of Americans for Prosperity focusing on an array of policy areas ranging from criminal justice reform to state and national tax reform. A proud Midwesterner, Kevin grew up in Indiana and graduated from Denison University with a degree in Political Science.

“Working at Purple and with our clients who are making a difference in the world is a privilege. With our political and campaign background and mindset, we can anticipate our client’s challenges, anticipate any future challenges, and tailor strategies to fit their needs and objectives.” 

“Although trust in key institutions of society continues to falter, businesses are being looked to increasingly more and have an opportunity to bring us together and strengthen our social fabric. At the end of the day, a business’ story is fundamental to who they are and where they will go, so empowering clients to communicate their best story can get people to listen, inspire confidence and foster trust in an environment where such trust is increasingly elusive.” 

“As Bob Knight said on the importance of listening, ‘everybody hears, but few listen.’ When you listen, you can hear the unspoken people and what is not being said. And listening can ensure you capture multiple points of view, better comprehend a problem and identify a solution.”