Kiana Hurley

At Purple, Kiana is a master at leveraging social and traditional listening data and transforming it into actionable strategies for clients. Kiana works cross-functionally with the primary research team to integrate social and traditional media insights, forming the holistic picture that guides client strategy. Before joining Purple, Kiana was a Social Listening Analyst at Anexinet. Her passion for understanding consumer behavior is a powerful advantage in uncovering strategic insights through social data. Kiana earned degrees in Psychology and Communications from West Chester University. While in college, Kiana assisted professors and graduate students in qualitative and quantitative research studies, sparking her interest in the field.

“People at Purple don’t shy away from sharing their talents beyond their job description. We break down silos every day and leverage our different areas of expertise to deliver exceptional work for our clients.”

“One thing I remember most about people is their level of authenticity – in their work and in their interactions with others around them.”

 “I’m fascinated by our clients and their challenges. And being in research, it’s fun to get the first peek at the ever-changing media landscape. I find that aspect of my job very rewarding.”