Managing Partner and COO

Kristen Morgante

Kristen Morgante is Managing Partner of Purple Strategies. She is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the firm including human resources, finance, legal, business development and marketing. In her role, Kristen aligns Purple’s unique talent and expertise against client needs to deliver high-performing teams.

Kristen got her start in Democratic politics, beginning her career in the Clinton Administration, and continuing her work on state and federal Democratic campaigns across the country, including Howard Dean’s Presidential campaign in 2004. Before Purple, Morgante served as Associate for Strategic Planning and Special Assistant to President and CEO John Podesta at the Center for American Progress.

Kristen has been with Purple Strategies from day one. Through her work with the founding partners, she is credited with scaling Purple’s client offering, building its dynamic culture, and creating a rewarding place to work for people at all of levels of experience. It’s no surprise that the founders often introduce Kristen as the “heart and soul” of Purple—a description she lives up to every day.

“A presidential campaign is organized chaos, trying to combine being proactive with your candidate’s messaging and actions while reacting to the news cycle and staying current on the issues. At Purple, we thrive on that chaos, the ever-changing nature of our clients’ industries and work we do with them. Instead of trying to keep up, we try to push the pace of what’s possible, and that requires the nimbleness and flexibility of a political campaign.”

“My mom Joy embodied her name in every way. She was kind and empathetic, yet strong and direct and she brought joy to everyone who knew her. It is my greatest hope that I live up to the example she set, and honor her memory, with how I interact every day with both my kids and colleagues—the two groups of people I spend the most time with!”

“The people at Purple inspire me every day. I truly believe you couldn’t (and wouldn’t!) do the type of work we do if you didn’t like the people with whom you worked. Our crew of people are extraordinarily special.”