Kristy Pultorak

Kristy Pultorak is a wellversed and experienced strategic opinion researcher with a career spanning public affairs, corporate reputation and political consulting with global Fortune 500 companies. She brings more than 15 years of experience in both quantitative and qualitative research, focusing primarily on providing insights among audiences of importance for global corporations from Csuite executives to employees, policy influencers, investors, voters, customers, and all in between. Kristy has the pulse of the American public on public policy discussions and understands the importance of effective, strategic messaging in public affairs and reputation debates. Previously, Kristy was a Managing Director at FTI Consulting, Director of International Projects at Lake Research Partners, and Senior Analyst at Benenson Strategy Group. Kristy holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from American University and a B.A. in Political Science from Siena College. She graduated magna cum laude from each institution.

“The decision to focus on a choice few clients rather than a broad spectrum allows Purple Strategies to build collaborative teams, take a deep-dive into strategy and ultimately deliver great client work.”

“I have faced a wide variety of unique issues across a broad spectrum of industries, resulting in clients passing key legislation, revamping their reputation strategies and modernizing their internal communications. This experience allows me to be nimble in any situation.”

“Too many researchers are seen as ‘the person with the data.’ Here at Purple Strategies, I am the storyteller that brings a company’s communications to life by building roadmaps on how to connect with influential audiences.”

“Constantly keep learning while remembering who you are and where you came from. It is life’s experiences that allow you to write compelling narratives and communications strategies that resonate with people.”