Mark Allen

Mark has been using the tools of public opinion to provide strategic counsel to campaigns, corporations, coalitions , trade associations and non-profits for more than 25 years. He brings a unique mix of business acumen acquired through banking and international consulting, a lawyer’s mind for framing arguments and a keen understanding of politics and policy. Mark got his political baptism in the 1980 Reagan for President national campaign headquarters and contributed to the 2000 Bush-Quayle polling team. Mark’s work focuses on helping clients to develop and communicate messages that matter – ones that inform, ones that persuade and ones that help clients build reputational capital.

Mark was born and (mostly) raised in the shadow of the Nation’s Capital, so it is not surprising that politics eventually worked its way into his professional career. Mark holds three degrees from the University of Virginia – a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, a Masters in Business Administration and a Juris Doctor.

“The best part of my job is that I get to talk to people in all walks of life about a wide variety of issues. I get to travel all over the country to meet people in their communities and hear how they talk about issues and what is important to them.”  

“‘How come you never call me for any of your surveys?’ is one of the most common things I hear when I tell people what I do. People love to share their points of view with others – it is part of our wanting to be connected to others and good research can tap into that.”

“One of the great things about Purple is how fully integrated insights is to all of the strategic work. Research doesn’t sit on a shelf with Purple.”