Nati Brizuela

Nati Brizuela joined Purple as an associate creative director. She started her creative career path at an architecture and product design firm, then transitioned to a graphics and branding agency as its art director. She created her own LLC and worked on various public art projects, joined the Marriott international team managing creative executions for more than 30 brands and also spent time working at Rosetta Stone. She relocated to the U.S. from a small town in southern Argentina located in the Chubut province, an area internationally known as Patagonia. She graduated with honors and a graphic design degree from the University of Palermo, Argentina.

“Purple is a special place to work because of the culture and the many challenges we face for every project and client. Everyone at Purple is so smart. We’re constantly learning from our colleagues and different areas of expertise.” 

In my role, it’s essential to ‘think outside the box.’ Creativity is endless and to come up with ideas, we have to push ourselves to come up with the unexpected. That freedom is the beauty of a creative mind.”

“Don’t fall in love with your design or work and be open to constant feedback because that will make your work better and shape you as a professional.”