Nate Lemen

Nate is an Associate at Purple, working on client teams to help research and craft compelling narratives for campaigns across multiple channels. Prior to joining the Purple team, he worked on several political campaigns, ranging from field work to campaign manager for a Congressional race, and in the nonprofit digital advocacy space. He also freelanced for various magazines, newspapers and presented original research at several academic conferences. Nate hails from the Midwest (a Wisconsin native) and attended Butler University. He graduated magna cum laude with Honors and a BA in English and Political Science. In his free time, he enjoys talking at length to disinterested audiences about his passions. 

“Something that immediately stood out when I started at Purple was the level of sheer intelligence from everyone on our staff. We handle some thorny, complicated problems and it’s instructive on both a personal and professional level to be able to bounce ideas off of people who are genuinely curious to understand the work we do and who work to learn more beyond what is just necessary to do our jobs.”

“Because Purple takes such a holistic approach to our work, I am afforded the opportunity to be constantly learning. The services we provide are enhanced the more knowledgeable we are. I get to both read and study issues I knew very little about before and also do deeper dives on things I’m more familiar with. It adds a sense of variety to my day-to-day work, and it helps me do my job better.”

“What is one powerful experience you’ve had that ultimately shaped you as a professional? Before Purple I worked on political campaigns, and those experiences have had a profound impact on how I approach my work. The sense of being always-on and the ingenuity required to handle the problems thrown at you in that environment have made me sharper. It’s something I value greatly!”