Stephen Peters

Stephen Peters is a seasoned communication strategist with a knack for elevating brands and narratives while orchestrating comprehensive campaigns to achieve public policy and business goals. Prior to joining Purple Strategies in November 2023, Stephen honed his reputation management skills at Meta, where he drove public affairs and media relations strategy on competition issues in tech, including high-profile antitrust litigation targeting the company. With a background in advocacy, Stephen previously played pivotal communication roles at influential organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. He also worked for the federal government in several departments and agencies. Stephen is most proud of the work he did building a highly successful LGBTQ military family nonprofit organization from the ground up, driving significant federal policy changes through the power of storytelling. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, he also holds advanced degrees in International Relations and International Business.

“My past work experience, encompassing strategic communication planning, crisis management and collaborative leadership across various high-stakes environments, has refined my ability to navigate complex narratives and foster compelling messages.” 

“The intensifying pace of media cycles driven by digital technologies and social media demands a proactive and agile approach to own the narrative, manage brand reputation and effectively engage with audiences amid rapidly evolving conversations.” 

“The most important life lesson I could share is the realization that embracing adversity and learning from it, rather than letting it harm or control you, can propel personal and professional growth, enabling not only resilience but a deeper understanding and empathy towards the diverse challenges others may face.”