Stephen Smith

As the leader of Purple’s Strategic Planning group, Stephen leverages his experience across health care, logistics, manufacturing, and technology both for reputation renewal and for challenges in public affairs.

Stephen joined Purple in 2009 with a strong background in digital innovation. And he’s played a key role in transforming the company’s service offerings by integrating digital services into its core operations, reshaping how its campaigns are conceived and executed.

In his current role, Stephen dives deep into client engagements, crafting insights from primary research, and shaping innovative campaign activations. His ability to adapt to shifting business landscapes, dedication to proactive problem-solving, and commitment to producing high-quality work mirror the core values of Purple.

Stephen’s background prior to Purple – working with Senators Bill Frist, Mitt Romney, and Lamar Alexander – ensures that his approach to corporate reputation accounts for both politics and policy. With a focus on crafting strategies that deliver results beyond the next financial quarter or electoral cycle, Stephen and his team drive enduring success for Purple’s clients.

“Clients don’t come to Purple for the status quo. But change can be demanding – and messy. Luckily, we have partners with the commitment and the courage necessary to face that head on.”

“At Purple, every client and every challenge is utterly unique. There’s nothing more exciting than diving deep into a new problem or a new audience, and nothing more humbling than recognizing what you don’t yet know.”

“My father always runs up the last steps of a staircase, and I try to do the same. It’s a daily reminder of the underrated power of good old fashioned hustle.”

“I’d tell people starting out that there’s no replacement for a good night’s sleep. And when that doesn’t happen, caffeinate.”