Futurecasting Insights Unveiled for America’s CEO
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December 9, 2020

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Purple Strategies

Futurecasting Insights Unveiled for America’s CEO

Purple partner Chris Durlak is a featured expert in the latest issue of The CEO Forum magazine, sharing insights for CEOs from Purple’s new Futurecasting platform. His article outlines what it takes for leaders to build and protect their corporate reputation, based on insights derived from in-depth interviews with 40 executives charged with the reputations of some of the world’s most important companies and brands.

“Change is constant,” Durlak writes. “Stakeholders including consumers, the public, policymakers and investors are demanding more from corporations than ever before. From Black Lives Matter to immigration to climate change, the public expects corporations to play a role in advancing more than just their business.”

Read the full article, or access the complete issue – “10 Transformative CEOs Strengthening our New World Through Leadership” – for more insights for today’s chief executives.

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