Purple Adds Fourth of July Week Off
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May 6, 2022

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Purple Adds Fourth of July Week Off

Since Purple was founded, the firm has closed down operations the last week of each year to celebrate the winter holidays and give its passionate Purple people a chance to unwind and unplug all at once. Now, Purple will be doing it twice.

Starting this summer, the Purple team will celebrate its independence each year with an entire week off for the Fourth of July (July 4-8 in 2022, and July 3-7 in 2023).

Purple Managing Partner Kristen Morgante, on the calendar addition (from LinkedIn):

“Our companywide wind down at the end of the year is something we treasure, so adding another such week – particularly after the weight and pace of the last two years – is something all of us welcome.

“Purple people have always loved spending time with Purple people and being available for each other and their teams. Sometimes, though, that causes them to feel that pull even when they are supposed to be out of the office if the rest of their team is in the office. It’s a tension all of us in a client service organization face if we’re passionate about what we do. And Purple people are that, in spades.
“So we’re working with our team to realize that their client and team focus not only allows for this kind of reset, it requires it.
“When our people are refreshed and recharged, we can see it in the work we do with our clients. The strategy, the solution, the research insight, the creative idea: They are stronger and better when the people behind them are at their best.

“We can also feel it in the halls, over video screens, and in the Slack chatter that keeps us laughing.