Dominick Ferguson

Dominick serves as a director at Purple, providing clients with crisis communications and reputation management strategies. Prior to joining Purple, he worked on the marketing side of strategic communications providing insights to clients across the healthcare, government, and lifestyle spaces. The projects that he has led include print, broadcast, and new digital capabilities like augmented reality. Having worked with a multitude of clients across contrasting industries, he prides himself on approaching every client challenge with a fresh set of eyes and ears. Dominick graduated with a BSBA and MBA from American University.

“The leadership team at Purple makes collaboration a priority in everything we do. This extends well beyond our day-to-day deliverables to include building a rapport outside of the office.” 

“At Purple, you must be able to be a team player. On some days that means filling in wherever there is a need. There will be times and tasks that don’t line up with your exact job description, but it’s worth it in the end.” 

“The best way for me to find inspiration is to clear my mind. I can always do that on a tennis court.”