John Gatti

John is a veteran corporate brand and reputation strategy leader. His deep experience in corporate reputation and brand building comes from his work on many of the world’s most renowned and complex brands over 21 years at Leo Burnett, and the past 10 years at Purple. He’s partnered with Steve McMahon since 2000, combining brand and political strategy at the C-Suite level to help companies’ reputation thrive amidst the constant currents of change. John brings experience in reputation insights and strategy, integrated communication design and nurturing best-in-class creativity across all channels of internal and external communications. He’s led corporate brand and reputation efforts in health technology and pharmaceuticals, consumer products, financial services, energy, automotive and hospitality. He’s held strategic leadership roles consulting and advising clients such as Abbott, Altria, AstraZeneca, The Coca-Cola Company, Exelon, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s and Morgan Stanley, to name a few. John earned a bachelor’s degree in Humanities at Yale and a master’s degree in Management from Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

“I love that no one at Purple is doing exactly what they did before they came here. Instead, they take their core expertise and stretch it, test their assumptions about it, reconfirm what’s most useful about it and deploy it in fresh ways to solve really tough challenges. That means individuals grow and stay fresh, client teams are stimulated in ways that push thinking and strategic creativity, and clients get answers that help them succeed in the cross currents of change that they wouldn’t have expected. It’s a truly exceptional environment.”

“A very wise account lead once said to me that our Clients hire us to take them on journeys. They all want to get from where they are to somewhere better. To do that with confidence, they need a guide they trust. And if you want to be that guide, you better start each day with the intent to demonstrate in some way, big or small, that you’re acting on their behalf even if – especially if – it’s not easy. And you better end each day looking at the Client trust ledger and see that you made a deposit. Do that consistently and your Client will reach the most important conclusion they can about you: they trust you.”