Katie Pudwill

A former boss of Katie once described her as the walking, talking embodiment of North Dakota nice.’” With seven years of experience in politics and political media, Katie has developed and implemented communications and public relations strategies for four members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Katie has authored op-eds, press releases, blog posts, and talking points while providing advice on the effect of these actions in the media. She took a break from politics, transitioning to the media realm to join POLITICO, where she directed all internal and external communications for the world’s largest newsroom covering politics and policy. She won the Rising PR Star 30 and Underaward during her time there. Katie attended DePauw University where she met her fiancé Drew and studied abroad in Cairo, Egypt. 

“Purple takes a military approach to client work with a tenacious, Einstein-method that provides clients with a strategic path forward backed by shrewd insights and team members ready to deliver. We observe, orient, decide and act. The central tenants of problem solving.

“The people that make Purple what it is today back-up this organization with acute insights and gritty resolve. I’ve never seen so much hustle in one building.”

“In previous roles in the political and media arenas, everything lived and died by the ‘wait-punch-repeat’ method. Purple is never waiting to get punched. Its been a fun challenge to look into the Purple crystal ball and think critically about upcoming challenges clients may face, and harness the firm’s mass talent to address every potential bump in the road.” 

“While campaign life can deliver major successes, it’s the failures that move you  forward ,and help you develop the grit you need to deliver on promises. I gained a lot from my campaign experience and have leveraged that experience to find a home with like-minded colleagues that move fast and break things to deliver on our client promises.”