She Has a Reputation: Honoring the women of Purple during Women’s History Month
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March 20, 2020

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She Has a Reputation: Honoring the women of Purple during Women’s History Month

During Women’s History Month each year, our team celebrates the women of Purple and honors their contributions that make our firm the special place that it is. This March hasn’t gone like any of us had planned, anywhere – events and activities canceled and our full team working from home to do our part to #FlattenTheCurve – so we’re navigating through the change and approaching this year’s celebration of women another way. 

As a firm that partners with clients on strategy around their reputation, we were curious to learn more about the reputations of the women of Purple. So we gathered some internal data, and what we learned was clear: This is a perfect time to highlight and celebrate these professionals as they lead their clients, communities and families through the complex changes ahead.

From a safe social distance, we present the reputations of a cross-section of the impressive women who make Purple – Purple.

Her extreme skill at drilling down deep to understand the most challenging issues facing clients is just the beginning. Purple people can’t say enough about Caroline Sage.

An experienced researcher, field organizer, political campaigner and corporate strategist, Chinasa Onukwubiri brings lessons from her work around the globe to clients and causes.

Building on earlier work in politics and campaigns, Crystal Benton develops strategies to enhance and protect reputation, influence policy debates, and drive business growth. Serving strategy always.

As MD of Insights Operations, Denise Brien leads teams in the design and implementation of research that delivers the powerful insights behind countless successful client campaigns. And those teams love her.

Our Diana Muggeridge is a campaign strategist who’s passionate about helping industry-leading organizations navigate challenges impacting their license to operate. Our team is passionate about how great she is.

There are few people as Purple as Elizabeth Emanuel. This near-lifer has held just about every role someone can hold at our firm – and done so fearlessly – and we’re grateful she chooses to call Purple home.

A former boss of Katie Pudwill once described her as the walking, talking embodiment of “North Dakota nice.” It was true when she was in politics and journalism, and it’s true today in her work with Purple. Love.

With broad issue-advocacy experience spanning agribusiness, energy and human rights, Keeley Hanlon has worked across the aisle to make the business case for social change. We see it as a bit of magic.

The brilliant Nicki Zink brings a uniquely valuable perspective, drawn from prior experience working in the non-profit sector and political journalism. The headline here is that Nicki is the best.

At Purple, Savannah Bailey works closely with clients to develop and execute campaigns to manage high-pressure issues. It’s why her ability to stay cool, calm and collected stands out.

A political polling expert and strategist who grew up in campaigns, Sarah Simmons learned how to relentlessly work a problem. Anything can be solved. That energy fuels the people around her.

Before navigating complex challenges for clients in industries from energy to education and labor to logistics, Tara Andersen dives into the research with glee. No wonder everyone wants her on their team.